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Our road to freedom...


Hello friends,

Welcome to our blog!

Here we would like to share with you our journey of ups and downs towards a life of self-sustainability and liberation.

We are a small family with a newborn and a cat and have been looking for several years into how to live a completely self-sustainable life.

It all started while working in demanding corporate jobs with good salaries but little satisfaction and we looked for a way out. A way to happiness. The more we researched it, the greater our passion became to quit the rat-race and be our own boss.

The next step was to hand in our notices, buy a caravan and rent out our apartment.

The same weekend we were due to pick up our caravan from Holland (where else?!) we were put in lockdown and couldn't leave Luxembourg. Two months later the borders opened and we finally picked up our new home. Due to travel restrictions however, we had to stay on a campsite in Luxembourg. This was a blessing in disguise as, after trying for over 10 years, our new stress-free life led to something wonderful... We were expecting a baby!

At the end of the summer we moved to the private property of a friend in a quiet and rural environment to see out the end of the pregnancy and welcome our daughter before moving on to the next chapter.

The idea to do a blog came from having discussed our plans with friends, colleagues and others we met along the way, many of whom were interested and curious and suggested we keep a blog of our journey, which brings us to the beginning of us sharing our story with you.

We hope you enjoy it and maybe even get inspired to start your own journey.

With much love,

Vincent, Caroline, Amber and Fraggle


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