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A little history

A little more about us:

Caroline is from Scotland and 41 years old at the time of writing.

Vince is from Holland and 36 as of today.

Our lives together began in 2007 in Luxembourg where we met at a housewarming party and it was love at first sight (depending on who you ask).

We bought an apartment a year later and moved in together. Vince then went from working in finance, to musician, to bar/restaurant manager and back to finance, while Caroline was the backbone of our income and managed to stay in finance most of the time, with a short stint as bartender.

Fraggle is 11 years old and was always an indoor cat until we moved into our caravan. We weren't sure how he was going to handle the change from indoor to outdoor after being inside for over 10 years, but his instincts kicked in and soon enough the mice started being dropped at our front door on a regular basis. You can also find him up a tree from time to time!

Amber is our 4 month old baby daughter and has changed our lives for the better. The days of partying and daily hangovers are gone and we thank her for choosing us as her parents. We are infinitely grateful to you our love...

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